Monday, March 09, 2009


Here is the latest teapot. It is the one that I posted the how to on. It's been firing in an electric kiln.. This is supposed to be a blog about wood firing, so I apologize about that. It's still a couple of months until it will be warm enough to fire the wood kiln. I've started on another 10 of this form for the spring firing. They are in a bunch of different claybodies, from a couple of porcelains to some stony sigaraki like clays, and a few in between.
I don't know why these teapots are being made. I was showing Cody my YiXing teapot tools and the next thing we were making teapots. I really like them, and completely enjoy making them, just never expected to be making them right now. They bring back some good memories of Po and Mei-gun Goo.
Well time to have a cuppa and off to the studio.. the teapots are waiting for their spouts.. patience little pots.

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Anonymous said...

it came out great... was wondering how tall it is?

June Perry said...

It's a neat teapot, Craig! The glaze accentuates the form nicely!


Craig Edwards said...

Hey Jim I don't have it here.. I would say maybe 8".

Thanks June... I'm making some for woodfiring.. hope they work out also.. but with wood you never know... that's the fun part, right?

Ron said...

I like that surface a lot. The one's that go in the wood kiln will be totally cool I bet.

mojzaczarowanyswiat said...

It's great! I realy like it:)