Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have an order for some pilsners. These were made first thing in the morning. Usually I like to get the throwing done early as before the day takes over. This is one of my favorite stages of pots, they're fresh and still alive.
It turned out to be a short day in the pottery. The weather was a perfect spring day. We took advantage of that and spent the rest of the day in the yard.
Well have a great day, and keep the wheels spinning.
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Anonymous said...

wow, productive morning... beer is good

FetishGhost said...


Patricia Griffin said...

Those look lovely all in a line. I love this stage as well. Like you said, fresh and alive!

June Perry said...

Very nice shape and so productive. I'm envious! :-)

Ron said...

Man those are nice. I find that shape really hard to make. Great R.J. pot below too!

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks all for the kind words!!
Jim... a friend of mine.. Bob Brisboe says "Beer is a miracle".
Ron.. It used to be a hard shape for me but I've made so many for so many bars and beer distributors that they are finally not so hard.
I'm glad that I got that RJ pot when I could still afford one!!