Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The meaning of Big

Not much going on today, it's a sort of rainy day. Doing reclaim and cleaning and some odds and ends. I thought that I'd put up this picture for anybody. It's a large woodfired jar with flyash dripping down. It's maybe 3' tall, the size doesn't translate as well as it should. It is one of Svend Bayer's, perhaps one of the largest that he makes. I walk by it everyday when I go into the work room, it says "Well what are you going to make today... it better be good".
Well have a good day ... Make good pots.
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jimgottuso said...

beautiful shape, a little intimidating on the way in to the studio

Craig Edwards said...

Jim... Sometimes intimidating... sometimes inspiring... sometimes I sneak in through the backdoor:O)