Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teapot, tools

Here are some of the tools that are good for teapot making. The traditional water buffalo horn rib has been replaced by a Micheal Shirrell, soft rib. All the other tools are from Yixing, China. The mallet to pound out slabs is really useful, and after a little getting used to is almost as fast as a slabroller... plus I think that you get a better slab. The clay is more lined up and doesn't curl like a potato chip. The tool in the exact center is a spouting knife, it is used sort of like a reamer, it makes the spout super smooth so you get a nice clean pour. If you center click on your mouse the image get much larger so you can see the tools "up close".
Enjoy the rest of the day .... Make good pots!!
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Jerry said...

Hooked end of duct taped tool. Use? Thanks!

I've not pounded out slabs before, I normally throw them out. Might have to try the pounding technique.

Craig Edwards said...

Jerry: The hooked end is bendable, I think I was using it to hollow out the handle. Like I say it's flexible so you can bend it to different shapes.
Pounding out slabs works well... as long as there isn't a whole room of potters doing it at the same time.. the noise will drive you crazy..