Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's morning cup

I grabbed this nice bowl/cup from the cupboard today. It is one that Svend Bayer made. Simple, clean line, generous and completely thought through. The glaze is a wonderful celadon that takes ash from the wood fire well. A nice way to have your cuppa in the morning.

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doug fitch said...

Those a really, really bumpin' pots, what beauties.

I spoke to Svend last night. He called asking if I could do the nightshift tonight. He managed to find someone else as I've got crazy times myself at this weekend, which was a disappointment/relief. I think Devon must look like a cloud of smoke from space at the moment, we're all at it.

Craig Edwards said...

Busy boys! Ah, yes, I was cruising up in the ceramisphere and Devon is indeed a bit smoky!! Haha Good Firings!!