Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cleaning and Finishing Wood Fired pots

Cleaning pots after a wood firing is always a chore. Here are some of the tools that I have found that make this odious job a lot easier. Most of these tools can be gotten at Granite City Tool, or other stone and quarry supply. The first picture shows the trusty Dremel tool with diamond bits. The set of bits are from China and are really inexpensive. You can buy more expensive ones, they will last a loooooong time and cut really well.

These next two pics show a great find that has revolutionized my pot clean up. They are diamond hand pads they come in a variety of grits, from 60# to 7500#. I have been able to take the most abrasive surface and bring it to a gloss!! They are great, and last forever. They work wet or dry. I like wet. You can create some truly incredible surfaces with them.

Last but not least are diamond pads that you can put on a angle grinder. They have a velcro back so you can change them out really fast. They can clean really fast... sometimes to fast. Again they last a long time. I have quit using the flap wheel because of these. They are flexible to!!
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Jerry said...

Thanks for the information. It would be interesting to see some before/after shots from rough to gloss.

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Jerry--- I'll be working on that!

Adam Field said...

With those hand Dia-pads, I'd highly recommend using them wet, the diamonds are imbedded in nickel and a fine dust is made when using the pads, bad stuff to be breathing in. FYI