Thursday, July 24, 2008

America's Most Wanted

The Northern Clay Center's flyer for their annual American Pottery Festival arrived. If you are in Minnesota the first part of September it would be a must see. They have 24 guest artists this year, lots of demonstrations, slideshows. Here is a link to the Clay Center that has all the info. Northern Clay Cent

Artists featured in 2008 are:
Chuck Aydlett (MN), Naomi Cleary (PA), Bernadette Curran (PA), Josh DeWeese (MT), Kowkie Durst (OR), Paul Eshelman (IL), Marty Fielding (VT), Kathryn Finnerty (OR), Steve Godfrey (AK), Sarah Heimann (NH), Bryan Hopkins (NY), Gail Kendall (NE), Elizabeth Lurie (MI), Warren MacKenzie (MN), Ron Meyers (GA), Sequoia Miller (WA), Jeffrey Nichols (KY), Brenda Quinn (NY), Alison Reintjes (OH), Mark Shapiro (MA), Chuck Solberg (MN), Liz Zlot Summerfield (NC), Munemitsu Taguchi (PA), Betsy Williams (NM).

Not to shabby!!!
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Ron said...

Minnesota is the place to be! Looks like a great line up.

Craig Edwards said...

Ron yes.. come on up. I see your pots are for sale on line... yippee!! I'm going for a rat.. and then a fish mug. Haha

doug fitch said...

Enjoyed your slideshow Craig. Is that you on there with the beard?

Craig Edwards said...

Doug.. Thanks it was very easy to do. Yes, that would be me with the beard.

Lee Love said...

I am nobody, but I am in it too. Haha!

Craig Edwards said...

Ahhh.. but Lee NCC is giving you a gallery show!!! A pretty important nobody!!