Friday, July 04, 2008

Walking to work

The pottery is about three blocks from the house. Usually I hop on the bike and roll over. That seemed a little hurried as I would roll on by the incredible flowers and mill pond. Yesterday walking seemed to be the right pace to enjoy the colours and heady aromas of the blooming trees. The lilypads on the pond have come up but haven't bloomed yet. This is a small cove on the mill pond.

Here are some off Mrs. Dilly's Blue Bells, and below are some Irises blooming in front of one of Svend Bayer's large planters.


doug fitch said...

Lovely pots Craig. That#s a lot of beer glasses, didn't ti drive you crazy? One thing's for sure, you must have been really good at them by the end.

It looks beautiful where you are. Walking's the best way to see the world.

I've got one of Svend's biggies but I live in a tiny house these days so it's stored away in the garage - shame.

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks Doug. The beer glasses go quick, there's not to much to them. Yeah walking is great. Usually I'm in such a rush I ride my bike, and miss the good stuff.
It is a shame.. Svend's garden pots are so beautiful when the flowers are poppin.