Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday and it's Hank's Teabowl

I pulled out this beauty for the morning cuppa. Hank Murrow a fine potter living in Oregon, made this one. Hank has been obsessed with shino glazes for, well forever. This is a good example of that obsession. Hank has been making pots for about 50 years now. His pots are confident and relaxed. He is a real stickler for "fit and finish".
Hank gave this bowl to me when we were in Mashiko a few years ago. I am always delighted and amazed how using pots conjure up images of that person or events. This one reminds me of the Buddhist shrine on a mountain outside of Mashiko.
I think I'll finish my latte' and mentally visit the shrine outside of Mashiko.
Have a great day!
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Anonymous said...

I am gratified to find that you have taken pleasure in the use of my gift. I remember well your witty comments on the way to various museums and potters when we visited Japan together, and your counsel is missed from time to time.

Seriously..... thanks, Hank