Sunday, February 01, 2009

Time for the spring firing

So long, no blog, my bad. A long January, where it didn't get above freezing for thirty days, finally a slight melt for a few hours... can spring be far away. Here are a few tankards for the spring firing.
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Lee Love said...

The cold month got me rethinking the garage studio. Steve's orignal idea was to frame in an "L" shape, where the car isn't, but mine was to insulate the entire space. Am thinking about making temporary walls that would partition the end of the garage for 3 three coldest months and take them down in warmer weather. I wonder how light while having some strength, I can make walls out of a sandwich of styrofoam boards with fiberglass inbetween?. Maybe with a 2x4 frame?

Craig Edwards said...

Lee... yeah that would work. Good insulation on the ceiling seems to be really important.
Instead of watching the super bowl, I', going to the studio and throw the tea bowl.