Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shoji Hamada Yunomi

This must be the season of the yunomi. I've seen some great pots being posted on different blogs lately. I've enjoyed seeing them so much. This brought this yunomi of Shoji Hamada's out of the box. I thought that this might be of interest to some.
I have had this teabowl since 1976. This pot made me realize that pots should be made from the heart and that there is so much more than being technically proficient at making.
His pots are more of a gift of humanity, an act of compassion, so to speak.
I hope that you enjoy seeing it.


Lee Love said...

Thanks Craig! You bought at a good time. Fukuyan and Mitsuyan once said, the day after Hamada died, his yunomi price shot way up. Before, they were only 10,000 yen.

Craig Edwards said...

I guess I did, I hadn't really thought of it as a commodity in a long time, sometimes when I'm desperate I do. The recession must have not gotten to me yet!

Lee Love said...

I wanted to buy one in Mashiko, but couldn't afford it. I guess that is why I thought of the price.

Darren Mckeown said...

Hi. I understand Hamada Shoji never signed or dated his pottery. How can I tell if I have an original Shoji Hamada tea pot or do you know of anyone who can date and validate my item. Many thanks