Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been mentoring some students in making teapots, so they've been on my mind lately. Here is a board of some teapots that I handbuilt a while back. Really not to sure on how to glaze them, so they will have to just sit and patiently wait, and greet me every morning when I arrive at the studio.
Here is a nice quote that I ran across. One of the side effects of making teapots, a rather nice side-effect.

“Water is the mother of tea and the teapot is the father. Only if the mother and father are healthy will the tea-child arrive on earth healthy.” -Chinese Tea Philosophy (Tee im Teehaus) - translation by Erika Cilengir

The north wind started to blow today and the temperatures are tumbling. Minnesota weather can be so rude at times. It looks like spring will have to wait still longer. The days are getting much longer so the sun is starting to will out. There is an epic battle of the north wind vs. the sun going on right now... go sun!!!
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Michael Kline said...

Nice teapots! Also I like the quote about the "tea-child", so true.

and the wind! I was just saying to someone that the wind really aggravates me!

Spring is beginning to show itself around here with bulbs pushing through leafy mulch and frogs starting to stir in my pond.

Craig Edwards said...

Michael thanks for the kind words. yeah, the "tea child" is such a sweet way of looking at tea...
I envy your spring... the North wind dropped the temp to 0 F this morning.. Yipes

Michael Kline said...

well, we had a dip last night, the frogs are in deeper water, chickens are hunkered down in their coop!