Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tool Time

Haven't blogged in awhile. I thought that I'd put up a picture of the pugmill/table set-up. Usually my life isn't really all that organized, and my pugmill set-up is truly out of character.
Getting clay just right is one of great things in life. When there are no lumps and it's just the right stiffness, and there is the prefect twist to it, a good day becomes a great day.
I worked on getting the table heights just right, so that wedging becomes an easy bit of work. Good to be blogging again. Time to read what everyone's been up to.
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Michael Kline said...

That setup is sweet. I've wanted to do just that for years. With my new shop maybe I'll finally do it. Good to hear from you.

Patricia Griffin said...

Wow impressive. I just finished a round of reclaiming clay (without the benefit of a pug mill) and it's a bit of work. Am envious!

Craig Edwards said...

Michael, yeah I'm really glad that I got it together with the pugmill. What a great opportunity you have building a new studio, fresh eyes. I'm amazed at the great work you are able to produce while working outside!
Patricia, doing the reclaim by hand will make you one strong woman. Whether you want to be or not. :O)
After two neck surgeries I examined every thing I do in the studio,something I should have done many years ago. Keep up the great blog. I might put up a mystery pot!

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Craig - I got "tagged" and am now "tagging" you. Hope you play along. I hated the idea of doing it at first, but it ended up being kind of fun. Are you game?

Read about it at: