Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Northern Ice

I just got some porcelain out of the gas kiln. Here is a celadon, guinomi (sake cup). It references the Minnesota winter. I guess all that time spent in the woods cross country skiing is starting to show up in the pots. 
I'm excited enough that I'm glazing up some more. How great is that to still be excited after forty plus years!

Make good pots!
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cookingwithgas said...

you should be excited- that is a beauty of a pot.
Love that icy blue.

Linda Starr said...

Oh my, luscious celadon and the cup angles are great, great title reminds me of those programs I've seen about the glacier ice that never melts.

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely iceberg celadon there. Those crags take advantage of the glaze very nicely.

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks everyone... this looks like a good direction to go while the snow and ice make it to cold to wood fire.
I have been a bit envious of the folks down south with the green grass and such. About two weeks ago, while skiing, I realized how truly beautiful the snow and ice were. The stark black and white contrasts, the crystals, now they are an inspiration.

TropiClay Studio said...

They do indeed look like they are carved from that good Minnesota ice! I grew up 30 miles North of Duluth! Sometimes I really miss that snow... then I go scuba diving and decide I like it better here.

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Robert: It's a good thing that you are there and I'm here. I think that appreciating snow and ice is an acquired taste that is not for everyone. Fortunately, I've acquired a liking for it... go figure!

Lookout Mountain Pottery said...

Wow ! looks like a chunk of a glacier, now thats coool

Carmen Abdallah said...

Craig, what a smooth start to your new year!
Ah,how I'd love to savour an ice cold Azuma-cho Sake in one of your guinomi in front of my fire...
So foreign, yet so familiar.Happy New Year!

Craig Edwards said...

Mark...if I leave it outside here it will actually feel like part of a glacier. I see that you fire an Alpine.. I was able to get a used one from a school, it's smaller the HF-10, this saki cup was fired in it. I love that kiln!!

Carmen, my friend from the north. You can put so much into so few words. Hey there might be one of those little sake cups in the next fire, with your name on it.

Sherry's picks said...

I'm wondering if you would be willing to share your blue celadon glaze recipe with me, it's the color I've been looking for and can change it to fit my clay. Thanx in advance.

Pottery Figurines said...

Very very pretty!! I love the angles and the color! What are the dimensions?