Friday, January 14, 2011

Minnesota Ice

It's hard to post something new and interesting that happens in Minnesota in January. There is a certain sameness that takes over. I ski and make pots. It is too cold to wood fire, so there is a "Seasonal Affected Firing Disorder" that you must deal with.
This fall I was able to get my hands on a nice used Alpine gas kiln. This turned out to be the cure for SAFD. Here are some results from the last firing.
I can definitely see that the snow and winter has influenced the pots.
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Make Good Pots,

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Lori Buff said...

What a beautiful glaze. I love the teabowl

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely stuff, Craig. What's the glaze?

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks Lori and Hollis: The glaze is Leach's 4,3,2,1, glaze with 1.5% Spanish Red Iron.

Lookout Mountain Pottery said...

Really nice work, I also have a old Alpine. I use high pressure buners and fires great. My Alpine is 24 cu ft. whats yours?

ang said...

oooh yeh, trippy facetting :))

Linda Starr said...

You faceting came out great and that really is a wonderful glaze; I don't think I've seen a green that nice before.

Linda Starr said...

should be your

Craig Edwards said...

hey Mark-- It's the little one, only 10 cu ft., it sat at a middle school unused for about 20 years. I love it!!
ang--you have such a way with words...
Linda...yeah I'm really liking them. This new kiln is putting out some good celedons.

Lee Love said...

Nice Craig! Is the blue celadon you posted earlier different?

Interesting thing happened related to Clayart: Peanut Gallery there was ragging on Olympic Torchbearer kilns. Finally Rob Haugen from Olympic piped up and corrected some factual statements made about the burner construction on those kilns. I wrote him privately and told him about the hardly used '80s era 2728G I was buying from Mike at Continental. I asked about a kit to retrofit basos and pilots. Before writing back, he called Mike to get details. My burners are being sent to Olympic for a complete up grade and retrofit. Talk about service from both Rob and Mike!

Lee Love said...

forgot to select email followup.

Scott said...

Hey Craig,
Great cups, love the glazes!
Like Lee, I'm curious about the glazes in your last two postings. Are they the same? What feldspar are you using?

Thanks, Scott

Craig Edwards said...

Lee, It sounds like the new kiln will be firing in no time. Yeah the glaze is the same in both posts. Different firing schedules.
The bluer celedon reduction was started at 1650F and 1750F for the greener one. Also the bluer is thicker.
Scott, It is Custer Feldspar. It's a cheap and simple glaze.

Lee Love said...

Craig, it will be a while. I'd like to pour a slab and get gas out to the slab and studio. That looks like spring. Oh, I meant to congratulate you on the Legacy Grant you mentioned in passing elsewhere!

Shelley Whiting said...

Wow these ceramics are lovely. The shapes and glazes are very beautiful and professional. Gorgeous works.