Monday, December 13, 2010

Some December throwing

Well the roads have been cleared of the excessive snow and I started putting some more time in at the workshop. Here are a few new jars (tsubo) that will probably go into the spring wood firing. The temp this morning was a -13F. so the spring firing seems like some dreamland far away.
Oh, here is a shot of one of the jars from the side. I really like making these jars, and I always end up with more than I need.  A really good problem to have, there is nothing more frustrating than having space in the kiln with nothing to put there. 

This is a tokkuri  (saki bottle) that I made.. it needs the cups to go with it. That will probably happen tomorrow. It's a bit of fun to alter and slice up some pots. 

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Finally some beer mugs. This is a design that I haven't made in about twenty years or so. What a blast from the past.

Make good pots,



cookingwithgas said...

December throwing puts one ahead of the game in my book!
I find it hard to go out and get on the wheel...
love the mugs-great shape!

Carmen Abdallah said...

Craig, it's always great to read your blog, now that I know you especially!!
Great beer mugs, I'd start drinkin' beer in those in a flash. Also, beautiful Tsubo, just beautiful! How tall are they?
I am mostly into firing these days. Emptying my studio for a clean-up before a short time off for Christmas and stuff. Will post some pix of more firing results soon.

Lookout Mountain Pottery said...

Craig , its 14 degrees here but in the minus yikes , Im from Miami and I like warm days. Im a wimp. Hoping to put my shop back together today after the Holiday sale

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Cooking:With the weather the way it has been, there is very little else to do around here, better now than when it is nice outside!!

Carmen, good to hear from my friend up north. Thanks for the good words on the pots. The tsubo are about 25cm tall. Now is a great time to finish up and clear the studio, and have a new year. I'd love to see what you've been up to lately!!

Mark: I'd rather it would be a lot warmer also.. it's 68F inside and that's where I am. Here's to a great holiday sale!!


Linda Starr said...

When I first saw the tsubo, I pictured them hanging from their handles with some woven macrame and a plant in them, (macrame - another blast from the past). Love seeing all the shapes and forms you throw. I'm trying to make more smaller items since there's always some small space I could have used in the kiln if I had had something to put there.

Craig Edwards said...

hey Linda: I can see the macramé right now! yes that is indeed a blast from the past. No, I'm afraid these are archaic tea storage jars that have absolutely no use these days. Maybe for flowers!

Brenda Hornsby Heindl said...

Hi Craig,
I like the shape and the textures of the beer mugs! They look very stout and look like they would hold the froth in well (I once heard a whole piece on the radio about how Sam Adams developed their special beer glass based on how it held the foam, body, and flavor). I agree with Linda, too, that I pictured the large jars hanging! Alas, just because something is outdated doesn't mean it makes it less interesting to make!

Craig Edwards said...

Brenda; Thanks for the words on the beer mugs...I made so many of them about 20 years ago that I couldn't even look at them until now. Now that I made a few, it is like seeing an old friend, and catching up. Ha.. they do scream.. Fill me with beer!
The tsubo are such great forms from Shigiraki...maybe their function now is to look good and give a little comfort now and again.