Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arctic Blast

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I haven't blogged in a while. It's not like I haven't been making pots, it's either the camera needs recharging or something. I know that this blog is mainly about pottery, and that snow pictures abound. The pictures mainly are a Currier and Ives Card sort of thing that truly make you want to go and play in the snow.  This snow photo is not on that ilk. This is what yesterday looked like out the back door.   This is snow having a really bad hair day. The weather man was saying things that you never want to hear..... Arctic Blast .... Wind Chill Factor... Below travel advised... roads impassable... blowing and drifting.
It was a great day to be inside in the studio.
Make good pots!




Linda Starr said...

Oh the view is so beautiful; I once was almost lost in a blizzard as a child in Illinois, so the warnings should be duly adhered to.

The weather man is giving the same report for the next 24 hours here too, go figure. We've covered a small tender palm in the back yard the few native cactus have to fend for themselves, the pool pump is doubly covered and we're hunkering down, hope you're staying warm.

Craig Edwards said...

Linda: Yes, heed the warnings! I'm staying nice and warm inside making pots. Sort of smug knowing that for a while I've beaten the weather.
Keep warm also