Sunday, November 14, 2010


Thursday and part of Friday were used putting up wood. With the help of Leona, Lee, Jedd ; we were able to put up about four more cords of wood. I'm feeling a little smug about this at the moment. We worked hard to get the wood put aside because of a forecast snow on Saturday and Sunday. The wood work got done and it snowed on schedule, and we were not out in the snow, cutting and stacking.
The wood should be nice and seasoned for the spring firing. I may get another four cords next week if the weather improves. I always like to have a least, two firings worth of wood on hand when I fire. Three firings worth would be better, but I don't have the space right now. Having a surplus of wood takes away the stress of running out of wood, or having judgments on firing, not for the good of the pots, but because you might run out of wood.
Leona is a great wood stacker. She grew up with wood for heat, as one of the younger children of the family, her job was to stack the wood after it was split. The stokers can now thank her for wood that is very well organized, and neatly stacked. This doesn't seem like much, but on three to five day firings, organization makes a big difference.

Make good pots.
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Linda Starr said...

That's an impressive wood pile and the new kiln below is impressive.

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks Linda, Both were a lot of work!