Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to the wheel

After trading in the trowel and level, for the chainsaw and woodspliter, time to trade in the chainsaw and splitter for the wheel and water bucket. There is finally time to throw some pots. There was about 100lbs. of porcelain in the mixer so that's where the throwing will start. These are some tokouri, for the spring firing, next something to drink out of.
Winter has finally hit and it is non to soon to get back into the studio!
Make good pots,


Carmen Abdallah said...

Hey Craig,Love the texture of your tokkuri.Pretty cool.

Craig Edwards said...

Carmen... It's from a wire tool that Hank Morrow gave me. It makes that sort of thing easy. No more throwing for today. I got another wood delivery. Hope all is well!