Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stacked rock bottles

Monitor problems are finally fixed and everything is computing smoothy. It's amazing how fast the blog world moves, and how much there is to catch up on.
Jared came down from St. Cloud on Sunday afternoon to get in some throwing. I was in a sort of relaxed mood so I made these bottles. They are a combination of life experiences that come bubbling up one around each other. I was really struck with rock stacks that I saw on the islands of the East China Sea, watching Goro Suzuki throw orbs, and add to that an anagama. Sonehow it makes perfect sense..... Ha... probably not at all. They were fun to make, and left me with a happy heart. What more could anyone expect..
Make good pots...
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Anonymous said...

i like the way they lean against one another

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Jim: Good to hear from you. They seems to "pair up" on their own... go figure?

Ron said...

Those are waaaay cool. I'd like to hear more about you seeing Goro work sometime (and any pics if you have them) That would great. I love his work , although I've only saw it on the internet.

T Havens said...

T "Tax" Havens here
Craig I haven't checked in on your site in a long while
Turned me into a smiling potter also.
Do you still hump those teabowls?
If it's not to much trouble I'd love to see how you cut the feet.

My newest cornball stunt is to nick name my self "Tax"

Lee Love said...
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Lee Love said...

Jean sent me some ornamental gourd seeds earlier in the summer and I planted them with the Japanese Kabocha pumpkin. I have the vines strung up over the telephone line running to the house. There are tiny little gourd shapes appearing at some of the blossoms. I'll take photos. I hope I get enough gourds to have seeds to plant next year.