Thursday, April 02, 2009

stone pots

Here is a picture of some stone pots that were outside a Buddhist shrine on Jeju island. I love the scale and weight to them. They have no connection with anything that is going on right now. I thought that you might like them because they are inspirational.
There was a blizzard here on Tuesday and it really threw a wrench into everything. I threw a couple hundred yunomi's in an attempt to ignore the reality of the endless winter. Marlin our local electrician is coming tomorrow to wire a phase converter up for the clay mixer!! Then it will be on to the thirty or so biggish pots needed for the coming fire. Hopefully the large pots will help keep me disconnected from frozen iceland outside. Hoping for a glimse of something other than white. Keep the wheels turning.
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jimgottuso said...

cool pic... i'll have to remember that yunomi therapy for winter