Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting to unload

Here is the door down with all the ash still in place. We got about 50 gallons of ash out of the firebox. Some will get used for glaze and the rest will be used on the lawn and flower beds as fertilizer.
Here is another picture of the columns. The camera has a flash so the colours are not quite right on these. It's a new camera so I'm still working out how this modern inconvenience works.
Here is Leona taking out some of the ash. We had a beautiful day to start to unload. The temp on the inside of the kiln was about 100F. Warm but not to bad. We waited for the kiln to get that cool not because the pots needed to be that cool to unload, but because we didn't want to get overheated unloading. We are going slow on unloading the pots, so that we can take the time to actually look at them! So besides unloading the kiln, we split wood, mowed the lawn and cleaned up around the kiln.
Finally here are some of the first columns to come out of the kiln. I'm pretty chuffed about the way they recorded the flame and ash. Well that's it for this post. Make good pots~~~
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