Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salting the hidden chamber

I haven't salt fired in about ten years, so this was a mild foray into the world of vapor glazing again. It seems now days there is more soda firing going on than salt. We used about 5lbs of Safety salt that was sprinkled onto four curved wood pieces, two in each side. The cone 11 was down but the 12 was still standing very straight. This was at the end of the fire into the hidden chamber just behind the seitma. Here are a couple of pics of us pouring the salt on the wood and stoking the hidden chamber.

Barry and dave doing the final stoke of the firing. They look more awake in the photo than they really were.
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-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Safety salt? Looking forward to the results.

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Rob: Safety salt is what we call salt that you sprinkle on the icy sidewalks. Opening the kiln tomorrow!!