Friday, December 16, 2011


Vessel oriented ceramic objects, or pots depending on how up or down market you want to sound.  Still working out the kinks with the new camera.  So here are some of the latest attempts at photographing some of  pots from the fall burn.
~Make good pots
There is a puddle of green glass in this bowl. This is from the bowl being filled with ash during the firing and then melting at the end of the firing. 

These two plates were from a stack of plates. The shino and ash had some good drama as they played with each other. 

This is a teabowl from the back of the kiln. It's made of a mid fire red clay and brushed with a slip. It has a nice warm feeling.

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Taylor Made me do it

Here's some lidded jar's  I've heard that some call them Ginger Jars... I usually fill them with rice.
Make Good Pots

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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Pictures of pots are always nice to post.  Especially if you've had a great firing. The reality of wood firing is a  lot of cutting, splitting and stacking wood. The chainsaw, wood splitter  and wheel barrow have been in my hands this week. It has been a race with winter. Winter has held off longer than usual, but it is not timid and will make an entrance any day now.
The saw mill had some good wood for me this year and was able to get all the wood I need for next years firing.  There are two kinds of wood, the slab wood, and edgings.
The edgings are the skinny pieces that we use for sidestoking at the end of the firing.
Well must go before winter sets in.
Make Good Pots,

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