Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Tsubo and a Chawan made from a mid fire red clay.

Here are a couple of Tsubo's and a Chawan that were made out of a mid-fire red clay. They were fired to about cone 6-8.
They were lined with a cone 6 shino. The chawan has the shino on the inside

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Linda Starr said...

With the colder weather hear I am dreaming of some type of wood firing, won't be like yours, either a barrel or pit firing, but still the thrill of the fire. I didn't realize there was wood fired mid firings being done.

Hank Murrow said...

Geez, Craig;

With results like those, who needs the front of the kiln....... just kidding, but they are beauties!

Cheers, Hank in Eugene

Craig Edwards said...

Linda: I love the smell of wood burning on a crisp fall day, even better when are pots evolved!
Yes, people have been firing in the mid range for a long time. I took my ques from Yi-Xing teapots and bizen yaki.
Good fires with the pit!

Craig Edwards said...

Hank: Yeah, who needs the front of the kiln.. you just have to keep going through it, to get to the back!Thanks for the kind words. I think of the Mashiko days, and smile!
Keep making the great Hank-yaki.

Hollis Engley said...

Beautiful pots, Craig. Love the chawan.

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks Hollis, the red clay is a new direction that has started to feel good. Hope things are well on the Cape.