Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Copper Reds who knew!

I put some copper red glaze on some porcelain teabowls, and put them into the spring firing. Who knew that they would thrive in that environment. I'm sure that it is one of those things that if you come to depend on it, it will abandon you immediately.    Here is to hoping that it doesn't!
Make good pots,


Hollis Engley said...

Nice, Craig. I use a Pete Pinnell's Red that's pretty dependable in gas reduction. Looks a lot like that.

Craig Edwards said...

Hollis: I've heard good things about Pete's Red. I never thought that a Copper Red could take ash and not be altered beyond belief. Hope all is well out East!

Linda Starr said...

And each one is so different too, reduction results are so much fun.

Craig Edwards said...

Yeah Linda: I'm Lovin the new directions. Stay cool down there!