Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teapots and Winter

It's been quite awhile since the last post. The winter in Minnesota turned into the icy forge that sometimes happens. The cold of sub zero temperatures pound daily, and a siege mentality starts to set in. The bitter cold has finally let up. We are in a blizzard right now with another foot of snow expected. So the sking will be on again.
Here are a couple of slabbuilt teapots that just came out of the gas kiln. They pour a nice cup of tea. That's really all that a person could want in life.
Make good pots.


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Linda Starr said...

Almost christmas colors you have there, love that tomato red. hope you've warmed up just a little.

banner oak pottery said...
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Craig Edwards said...

hey Linda: Yeah they you look Christmas coloured. It hadn't occurred to me. It's warmed up a little and we have 15+ inches more of snow. I could use a nice pottery sale right now. Waiting patiently for spring.

RANDOLPH said...

I like the celadon more since its all the same color. How much tea does such an item hold. What is your price.

Craig Edwards said...

Hello Randolph: The teapots hold about 20 0z. Right now I can't keep up with damand, so I have none with prices.