Saturday, May 01, 2010

Getting ready again

The shelves are cleaned and washed, ready again for the next firing. Using the energy from the last firing helps to lead into the next. It's a very good time to think about what pots to make, and what direction to go, how you will fire differently.
Wood is always important, and there never seems to be enough, cut, split and stacked. This stack is from a blue spruce that came from my front yard.
This is the oak and birch that come from the saw mill by St. Cloud. I've got about half cut of what will be needed for the next firing. Well it's been rainy so the wood is on hold... time to make some mugs. ~ Make Good Pots
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Hollis Engley said...

Looks very neat and ready to go, Craig.

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Hollis, Thanks... there always seems to be something that needs a little something. To much satisfaction isn't all that satisfying. It's an inside day today, chilly, windy and rainy.. not good for wood at all.

Dave said...

Are you ready with the work for the next firing or do you have to make it?
I have fired my kiln twice in very short intervals and it went very fast the second time. The only drawback is it is very tiring.

Craig Edwards said...

Dave: Nope, I've got maybe half a kiln full, ready to go. I have to catch up on all the things that go fallow when the kiln is firing. I do want to fire one more time before the fall. If I get moving that should happen.
What sort of kiln do you have?

togeii said...

I have 2. A 2 chamber noborigama and a newly completed large snake kiln, about 9 meters long. I am getting ready for the first first Nanban firing in the snake kiln.
Aren't you coming to Japan to give Mike's workshop in Taku?